About Rosette Jewellery

Iris Apeel said “Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can ever wear”.

At Rosette Jewellery, we aim to create transformative, custom pieces for each of our clients. Every creation is tailor-made to our client’s brief and we believe in creating an individualised service, from the initial consultation, through manufacturing, to the final product. Collaborating with our clients, guiding them through each step of the design and manufacturing process, is an integral part to Rosette Jewellery and ensures that we create a piece that is completely unique. We pride ourselves on having direct access to the best, home-grown suppliers, who are just as dedicated to their craft and creating the best products, as we are. Rosette Jewellery is an online, mobile jewellery operation. We meet our clients wherever they are most comfortable, be it at their home, a coffee shop, or virtually. Our jewellery is a reflection of our passion and love of gem stones, and each piece is treated with respect, attention and care. Each piece is our favourite piece.

Meet Amber

Our founder, Amber Gradwell, can be considered a gemmological legacy. Amber’s prominent background in the industry stems originally from her great grandfather, M. Botes who found the largest emerald in the world in the 1950’s. Needless to say, gems have been a central part of the Gradwell family since then. Amber, not only holds a qualification in gemmology from the prestigious Gemmological Association of Great Britain, but she has also had a gem collection since she was five. This natural fascination, combined with the skills and knowledge Amber has acquired, is deeply ingrained in every piece she commissions. 

Her eye for colour, and attention to detail guarantees the very best creation for her clients. Amber prides herself on taking on jobs that most other jewellers may not, and strives to create a safe environment for her clients to express their needs and designs. Remodelling is Amber’s favourite part of her job. She loves taking an aged piece and breathing new life into it. Her pieces are made to celebrate their owners. Rosette Jewellery was born out of Amber’s passion of gems and bespoke jewellery, and every piece that she creates echoes this love.
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